Open letter to all PERC organisations

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As member organisations of the Pan-European Regional Council (PERC), we decided to support the candidature of Susanna CAMUSSO to be the next General Secretary of the ITUC.

We base our choice on our experiences of recent years and on the analysis of the projects proposed by the two candidates.

With this choice, we wish to participate in a new stage in the history of the international trade union movement that responds to the main current challenges with a future-oriented ITUC, loyal to its founding principles and values of democracy, unity, inclusion and solidarity We want to return to an ITUC that is enriched by the diversity of all its members and that generates trust and commitment of all affiliated organisations, from all regions of the world and from the smallest to the largest.

We want an ITUC Secretariat that is at the service of its affiliates, an ITUC Secretariat that listens to and reflects the needs and preoccupations of all its affiliates within its areas of competence. We want an ITUC Secretariat capable of proposing, through consensus, policies and coordination on issues of global governance.

We want a Secretariat that respects the rules of good governance and internal democracy. We want a renewed respect for our Constitution. We want the constitutional bodies, once again, to fully assume their roles. The Executive Bureau must have real meetings. The General Council must become a
decision-making body again and not just a group to be informed retroactively and reduced to endorsing decisions already taken by the Secretariat.

We want to restore real transparency and responsibility in the financial and administrative management of our international organisation. Trade unions are going through difficult times and we must be careful in setting priorities and expenditures related to them. Decisions must be taken before the money is spent, especially when it comes to incurring large expenses.

We want a trade union strategy that gives priority to defending threatened trade unionists, trade union rights and labour standards and that unceasingly fights for free, independent, democratic and representative trade unionism all over the world.

Advocacy and communication are important but they must be based on a trade union strategy. Trade union campaigns are of no use if they are not based on a mobilisation of trade unions and their affiliates. Making our “voice” heard is important, but we are also a social partner, capable of developing concrete proposals and ready to assume our responsibilities.

We want to improve the cooperation within the international trade union movement between the ITUC headquarters in Brussels, the ITUC regional organisations, the Global Union Federations (GUFs) and the TUAC. We must focus on the division of labour and tasks between the ITUC headquarters and the ITUC regional organisations and examine the consequences for respective budgets of achieving this division. The ITUC and its regional organisations should also seek a more efficient and cohesive policy to influence the decision-making bodies of regional political institutions.

We want to reinforce the cooperation and the alliances with civil society organisations (NGO’s and social movements), based on shared values and in full respect of the different competences and natures of all parties.

We want, once again, to place the ILO at the centre of trade union global governance strategy. This requires that decisions are made after democratic discussions in ITUC bodies and in the Workers’ Group of the ILO. This also implies a better cooperation and coherence with ACTRAV. And finally, the ITUC must reinforce the critical dialogue with international financial institutions through mobilisation of its members on national level.

It is because of all these challenges and objectives that we decided to put our trust in Susanna. We must revive a united and supportive ITUC and a Secretariat at the service of all its affiliates.


NSZZ Solidarnosc – POLAND