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It is time to change, together
We have the ambition of a deep change in the ITUC. In the meetings and contacts we have had in recent months, most of you have reiterated these demands and given me further reasons to promote a change in the leadership, management and profile of the ITUC (read moreESFR  

The ITUC we want
The ITUC we want is based on shared rules, which reflect democratic principles and values, and solidarity. Rules that everyone must always respect, regardless of role, position or personal interest (read moreESFR / ARIT

The progressive force of women
There’s a progressive force worldwide today, maybe the only one: it is the force of women. A force that wants and must be valued, which should act as the protagonist of the role it plays and represents in all segments of society, starting from labour and unions. (read more) ES / FR / IT

It’s time to stop the race to the bottom for Asian workers
The labour movement should do more to support workers in Asia and improve the conditions of those at the bottom of the global supply chain (read moreES / FR / KR

Digitalisation: a challenge for the global trade union movement
Digitalisation is a wide and multifaceted phenomenon and impacts on working conditions in a very different way on the basis of the country, the clusters of workers and industries and even within these groups. Trade unions, at all levels, should aim at leading the process. (Read more) ES / FR 

Why the ILO is central to social justice, now more than ever
In a few weeks’ time the ILO will celebrate its Centenary. Now more than ever it needs to strengthen the unique role it plays within the UN system, and ensure the effective fulfillment of its tripartite mandate for true social justice. (Read more) ES / FR 

In support of a ‘labour and civil rights’ Brazil
On the eve of Brazil’s presidential elections, I want to express my solidarity to the trade unions, the women and the popular movements committed to defending their history, their rights and their future for a democratic Brazil. (Read more) ES / FR / PT 

We can do more for peace in the Middle East
If we really want to contribute to building coexistence and mutual respect between the two communities, a just and stable peace, we must put in place an action to defend human rights and fundamental labor rights for the Palestinian people. (Read more) ES/FR/AR 

Can trade unions help the governance of global migration?We are going through so many conflicts and divisions everywhere in the world when it comes to migration. I cannot help but think about the urgent need to find common and shared governance of this phenomenon. But how can the trade unions help? (Read moreES / FR