Presentation for the ITUC 4th World Congress
En l’absence de règles claires pour la compétition démocratique, beaucoup d’affiliés n’ont pas obtenu les informations et la possibilité de connaitre mon programme. Cela est peut-être normal, dans une organisation très jeune comme la CSI, mais nous devons nous engager pour améliorer son fonctionnement interne. Cela n’est pas normal que tout le monde n’ait pas accès aux mêmes informations par rapport à la vie démocratique de notre organisation. (Read more)

Opening statement at the ITUC 4th World Congress
I am taking the floor also because I’m a candidate for ITUC General Secretary.
I’m Susanna Camusso, now Secretary General of CGIL, and – I repeat – a candidate to lead ITUC because we need to change! In 4 minutes it is quite difficult to discuss 4 years of activities, so I will concentrate my speech on 2 points. (Read more)

Congress resolution on the future of the ITUC “Respect the Rules – Change the Practices
Enhancing the democratic structures of the ITUC to assure a united, inclusive and effective global trade union organization, which respects the diversity of its members and creates an environment of trust, commitment and confidence for all affiliates in all regions – from the largest to the smallest – these are the objectives of the ITUC. (Read in EN / ES / FR)

Some proposals and comments concerning rules and procedures of the ITUC Congress
The ITUC Constitution and the annexed Standing Orders do not include clear rules regarding the governance of the Congress procedures in presence of more candidates for elected positions (General Secretary and President). This shortcoming already emerged in the previous Congress in Berlin and is still unresolved for the forthcoming Congress in Copenhagen.  (Download pdf in EN / ES / FR )

In response to
Regarding the article “ITUC at a crossroads as Sharan Burrow is challenged” published on 7 November 2018 by the Swedish website, in which some inaccurate and misleading information about my candidacy circulated, here is my letter to the authors and below there is a reply from the editors.

In support of Guatemalan workers and unions
On Thursday 8th November the ILO Governing Body closed the 2012 Complaint against Guatemala for non-observance of freedom of association. The Workers’ Group voted unanimously “No” to this decision (read more)

Open letter to all PERC organisations
As member organisations of the Pan-European Regional Council (PERC), we decided to support the candidature of Susanna CAMUSSO to be the next General Secretary of the ITUC. In Spanish  / In French / In Russian