In support of Guatemalan workers and unions

On Thursday 8th November the ILO Governing Body closed the 2012 Complaint for non-observance by Guatemala of freedom of association. The Workers’ Group voted unanimously “No” to this decision.

Italian CGIL expressed its full solidarity to the trade unions in Guatemala and ensured we will go on to fully support the fight for freedom of association, la libertad syndical.

The main motivation of the Complaint is the impunity and the continued acts of violence perpetrated against trade unionists in Guatemala. And the general situation for workers and unionists in Guatemala has worsened since the presentation of the complaint.

Only this year six trade unionists were assassinated, the same figure of 2012, when the Complaint started. Since 2005 there have been 91 murders of trade unionists.

The government of Guatemala never seemed to find a relationship between the union activity and the reasons behind the assassinations. None of the guilty verdicts handed down referred to anti-union motivations!

Union leaders and their families continue to live in a constant state of fear and danger. Today the international community has written a dark page for workers in Guatemala and worldwide, in the sign of impunity.

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