We can do more for peace in the Middle East

The international community has a great responsibility towards the Palestinian people and the international trade union movement must go beyond mere declarations of intent.

If we really want to contribute to building coexistence and mutual respect between Palestinians and Israeli , a just and stable peace, we must put in place an action to defend political, human rights and fundamental labor rights for the Palestinian people.

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has been since too many decades at the heart of the instability of the entire Middle Eastern region.
After the signature f the Oslo agreements, we all thought we were on the right way to reach a negotiated and accepted solution for both parties. But after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, by an israeli extremist, this process slowed down, then the two signing parties progressively withdrew, and consequently froze the process.

This situation and the absence of direct talks between the two parties, led to the emergence of the “de facto” policy with the continued and constant occupation of Palestinian territory, to expand the illegal settlements and to build new ones.

This has led to the isolation of the Gaza Strip that has favored the dominance and control of Hamas on the almost two million Palestinians, mostly refugees, victims and hostages of a spiral of violence that has been repeating itself for over ten years, trampling the whole of human rights and humanitarian law.

The territory and the Palestinian community were consequently fragmented; the dependence of the Palestinian economy from the Israeli one increased with a profound and structural exploitation of the Palestinian workforce, unacceptable living and working conditions for the great majority of workers.

Last but not least, we are witnessing provocations and diplomatic constraints such as the initiative of the US administration to move its embassy to Jerusalem, which is producing nothing but new tensions and mistrust in the role of the international community.

As an international trade union movement we must be committed to:

demanding the full recognition of the state of Palestine by the States and by the United Nations, and respect for the special status of Jerusalem (UN Resolutions 181 and 252), as a first step for the resumption of peace negotiations with the support of the whole international community;

requesting the re-launch of the initiative by the UN system, for an investment plan that promotes work, education and services in the Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem;

strengthening dialogue and cooperation between the two communities, starting from employment, ensuring respect for human rights and fundamental labour rights for all workers, both in Palestine and in Israel;

promote an ITUC-led cooperation programme, with the participation and support of all available trade unions, for the strengthening of the Palestinian trade union movement, starting from the PGFTU, for the defense of labor rights and for the cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli trade unions.

This must be our commitment in order to build a just and stable peace and peaceful coexistence in the Middle Eastern region.

CGIL, on the basis of the fundamental principles included in our own constitution, considers solidarity between trade unions a decisive factor for peace among peoples, as the supreme good of humanity, for the affirmation of human rights and freedoms, for national independence and full protection of the cultural and ethnic identity of each population.  For these reasons, we categorically reject the rumors circulated on social media for mere speculation and opportunism tending to discredit our work and our history. A history that is proven by a longstanding commitment and militancy in favor of the rights of the Palestinian people and the solution of the “two states solution .


VIDEO – Mrs. Mai Alkaila: “Susanna is very respected in Palestine and we consider her a promoter of the Palestinian cause.”

I want to thank the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Italy, Mrs. Mai Alkaila, for having wanted to give evidence of my longstanding commitment to the Palestinian cause, against all violations of Palestinian people’s rights. Thanks Mrs. Mai Alkaila, shukran.

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