It is time to change, together

We have the ambition of a deep change in the ITUC. In the meetings and contacts we have had in recent months, most of you have reiterated these demands and given me further reasons to promote a change in the leadership, management and profile of the ITUC (read in EN / ESFR  )


Congress resolution on the future of the ITUC “Respect the Rules – Change the Practices
Enhancing the democratic structures of the ITUC to assure a united, inclusive and effective global trade union organization, which respects the diversity of its members and creates an environment of trust, commitment and confidence for all affiliates in all regions – from the largest to the smallest – these are the objectives of the ITUC (Read in EN / ES / FR)


The challenges ahead
Eulogia Familia
“We believe in Susanna because of her commitment to connecting unions internationally”. Eulogia Familia, General Secretary of the Dominican CNUS